Sunday, December 11, 2005


Why is it always time to take the children to the chess club? They only go on Sunday afternoons, but it feels like it's always here. Maybe because we no longer have the diversions of the other extracurricular to help move the week along. As soon as afternoon hits, the oldest two start the scurry in search of loose change to feed the sugary snack cup at the Nashville Chess Center. This is where we allow them to go to coat their sweet tooth & condition them for the next week of junk-free fuel.

We're going on a skool fieldtrip to the Adventure Science Museum on tomorrow. Even though the exhibits are pretty standard & hardly even rotate accordingly, our children look forward to going with an intensity unmatched. Perhaps because they have been going since their toddler years, it's the familiarity that has them open. Children really value comfortability. Frankly, that's probably what eye most get out of taking them over & over & over again.


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