Thursday, December 15, 2005

Posting poses such a problem during this period. Seems darn near impossible to just maintain decent communication. Even checking my voicemail has become a hassle. It's a vicious cycle. Too busy to answer, therefore messages build. Voicemail becomes full that no one can even post their request. So then there are so many there's really not free time enough to sit through 10-12 NEW messages, not to mention having to first hear all of the old SAVED messages. ARGH!

Well, eye survived the process this morning. Voicemail on "e". Feel free to contact me today knowing that even if you don't catch me, you will have space to make your presence or presents known. At least until the space fills again.

YO! Randall won on The Apprentice last evening. GO BLACK MAN, GO BLACK MAN GO! Isn't it odd that we still live in a society when seeing the Brother victorious in a system where odds are opposing can bring about a sense of accomplishment for the American Afrikan culture? Would any self-respecting Black American truly feel comfortable among the hierarchy of the colonialized and capitalistic world? Though the opportunity is a relative advancement for "the people", it also points to the complacency of some of "the community".

All told, it is what it is, and that's the point. Randall's laid-back leadership style can only get him so far in an industry of "hammerheads" and "meatcleavers". For now though, his most personable, lovable personality will get him beyond the threshold. There's nothing more appealing in European-based business than a passive Brother. Just don't be a doormat, Randall. That's my advice to the "good guy that my son Zeke and eye have championed for weeks now from afar.


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