Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Why am eye even awake at 1:30 a.m? Had eye simply followed my body's orders, the hogs would be gathered around by now. But instead, here eye sit, in my office, fighting back tears. Just moments ago, as eye tiptoed through the pitch-black kitchen on my way upstairs, eye suddenly tripped and at once found myself flying across the length of the room without a wingspan.

As always, the first instinct is to look down to find the culprit. And owl be (Southern dialect)! That darn libation plant was still in the middle of the floor from earlier in the night when our oldest son proudly poured his heart out to his ancestors along with the pure, crystal liquid.

It almost feels blasphemous to harbor anger about the moment when eye may have broken my toe, since the beautiful greenery was left in the center of the room by way of a (w)hol(l)y experience. But, shoot...That hurt like hell! Seems the demons needed their fair share of attention, too.

Well, they [do not exist] are not going to stop me from working through this night. It is imperative that the Oriana lee MySpace Music Page be up and running in the next days. Eye am anxious to start sharing sound flavor from the EP. Eye don't plan to add friends to that space, but only utilize it for the MP3 capabilities - via my current page. Hopefully, all will coordinate to make this a reality by the 1st.

One love!


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