Sunday, December 18, 2005


It's only today that eye finally understand the significance of the Nashville Chess Center in our lives. And it does go beyond those sinful, sweet treats that the children purchase each week with a considerable amount of their allowance...

...So as my husband is setting up a studio session with a particular musician in town, the conversation comes to include discussion about a genius child protege in town that he believes he has discovered. Just so happens, that after much description of the young man, Dwight realizes that he knows the young lad of the hour. Probably the only near adult that we do know? Just so happens that during this same discussion, we're multi-tasking while preparing sandwiches for the children to eat before leaving for their Sabbath science.

Genius child protege (in discussion)=Son of the chess center director

eerie right? Eye know. What's the likelihood?

The energy surrounding this facility is bigger than Kings AND Queens.
The energy surrounding CountBassD is bigger than Hiphop.


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