Friday, December 30, 2005

Habari gani?
::Nia! (Purpose)

For Ujamaa, we patronized one of the popular soul-food eateries in town. Harpers- to be exact. The restaurant is owned by one of Nashville's career congresswomen (Thelma Harper) and her husband, who won a discrimination suit against BP some years back. The restaurant is located on the historic and recently rejuvenated Jefferson Street between the campuses of Fisk University, Meharry Medical College, and Tennessee State University (my alma mater). Three vegetable plates proved for the first time to not be sufficeint for the appetites of our growing family, so eye ate light so that everyone else could fill their bellies. Eye was mostly there for the event anyway, so it didn't affect me all that much. Plus, you know that macaronicheese & overcooked greens don't really fit into the wholistic diet. But it was tasty! Magnificent took to the turnip greens; Kana the cherry cobbler; Zeke the green beans; and Kush showed no particular bias. Dwight seemed to clear his plate in one bite. Ujamaa at it's finest!

My husband & eye were even noticing how Ujamaa was reflected on David Letterman last night when this year's Heisman recipient, Reggie Bush came out to read the night's Top Ten list (perks of Winning the Heisman Trophy), wearing Sean Jean. That's pimpin', Sean!

We're now preparing to go to a birthday party this afternoon. We never have been the type of parents to spend a million bucks for the commercial kid-go-crazy-buck wild-fun centers (i.e. Chuck E. Cheeses, Showbiz Pizza, Circus World). No discrimination against those that do, but it's just not our idea of a personal earthday celebration. Something feels so wrong about spending what should be an intimate moment in the company of a crowd of strangers. Thanks to good friends who continue to invite us to share in their b-day outings, our seeds will spend the afternoon running senselessly, which should set the mood for a quiet night of rest. How thankful eye would be for a quiet night!

Eye finally finished my "Year End" list for Urbansmarts. Eye missed the deadline last year & quite frankly thought eye had for 2005, when a letter appeared up in my box requesting my last-minute contribution. It's always a blessing to be thought of in times like these. Thanks again, Tadah. Look for a link later-on...

All praise to the creator for purpose & the wisdom to recognize. Are you aware of your purpose as you plot this wayward journey? Or are you wandering aimlessly in pursuit?



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