Wednesday, December 7, 2005


Before long, we are going to have nothing "safe" to eat unless we grow it in our own backyard. This theory about soy being as poisonous as swine has finally been released from the inner vegan circles & unleashed on the populace. Years ago, eating "healthy" was all about soy. First tofu; then soy milk. Texturized Soy (Vegetable) Protein, affectionately nicknamed TVP. Morningstar burgers. Soy strips. Soy (ice) cream. Soy Slices. Shreds. Sausage. Chips? You can even indulge in the seasonal soy (egg) nog - rum not included.

As a parent, this issue gives me great guilt. A similar indecisiveness arouses when it comes to vaccinations, too. It's like...Dwight & eye spend so much time shaping the children's lives for the best. From day one, we committed to continually giving this gift until the end. But, life in general is so confusing now. Sometimes we may think that we are giving them the best possible, while finding ourselves undermined by a code of ethics that contradict our own. We are often forced to accept "that's just the way it is" as the all in all. End. All.

Well, right now, the babies & eye are catching the Wednesday night, reality-show line-up. These are our guilty pleasures. Martha Stewart's The Apprentice is on right now. You can tell about how little attention eye am paying. But, Kana(8) & Zeke(nearly 7) are glued. Eye am just not impressed - seriously. However, eye did catch the last half-hour of America's Next Top Model. Once again, the judges were inches away from choosing a model of mixed heritage. But, to our surprise, they patriotically chose the All-American chic.

Tyra Banks (+1)= Guest List for MF DOOM / CountBassD show tonight in L.A.


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