Saturday, January 28, 2006

Where to begin...

Here again eye find myself overwhelmed at the possibilities of this iBook. To walk into a random restaurant around town with a slim hope that wi-fi would be available, means big things are changing when it actually works out for the best. Even the waitresses were amazed at technology today, as they all hovered over my laptop like it was a flying saucer.

With the proper gear, even rolling with the Mac via public transportation isn't so bad. What's wack is the lack of a worthy bus route around this city. Geesh!!! It's not all bad though. Eye must admit. Quite refreshing actually. For one who hates driving especially. The kids complain at the end of the walk, but all in all, they appear to love the complete experiece as much as eye do.

New York...we are ready. Bring it on. Japan. London. Paris. Ethiopia. Make it happen! All ye in favor...please say "I". Until we feel that resounding warmth from you & the ancestors - for the cause, we'll be right here. On Broadway!


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