Wednesday, January 4, 2006


Finally! We got around to purifying our atmosphere with our traditional new year smudge. It is customary for us to do so during our holiday house cleaning, but this time around we ended the temple tidy on January 2nd by filling the air with the stinky fragrance of white sage (Salvia apiana). Hopefully, it has killed the negative energy that has pervaded this space for the past few months and will make way for more positive forces to occupy our environment.

It must be working because outta no where my boy DJ Haze @ The Low End Theory Blogspot blessed me with an incredible write-up. For those of you who have not yet heard the "Oriana lee EP", this is a good place to check out a few cuts. Also, remember to check the Unchaste site for the full spread on the project.

2006 definitely seems to be putting off a good vibe. Word up!


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