Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Jamie Foxx has mad talent - in his own right. Many people compare him to artists of old, failing to recognize that while he may not be of equal talent, his gift is equitable. Dwight'll tell you...Foxx's abilities struck me as something to admire back in the day (1994-95). So this is no new interest. His NBC special, which he produced, showed me how grounded he remains even in the midst of his celebrity. He went out overtly ghetto, but with class. As he said in his Oscar speech, he was acting like he had been somewhere. That's keepin' it real!

Hold up though. Let me also bring attention to the outlandishness related. The video-ho's at primetime...that's a no-go. Fa' sho! You better know something. It's very frustrating, as mother earth, to try to combat the effects of such perverted images. A brother can't just sing anymore. Huh? Gotta be tail feathers reverberating throughout the theater? It's a shame, Jamie. You can do better. It's in you, bro. Don't allow those who do not exist to shape your perspective on the Goddess.

We go out of our way to ensure that our seeds are as well versed in scholastics as in pop culture. They really have the science on this thing. But, how can eye justify exposing our daughter & three gents to pure bull? No rubbish in this house. Um, um.


Who's gonna' be at the DOOM show tomorrow night? Maybe we'll see you there.


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