Sunday, January 15, 2006


We received a small batch of the "OFFICIAL" EP this week. Smokin!!! Thanks again, Ben! Expect a personal message of appreciation, my friend. The response from this collection has truly been remarkable. So many people have reached out to express their love for the work & it warms my person. You all know that we do what we do in order to :

1. Express ourselves artistically;
2. Share our talents;
3. Feed the little ones

It's really that simple. Unfortunately, growing bodies don't find much nourishment in praise & accolades, so we are certainly hoping that the adoration translates to book sales (Something To Cope), record sales (Act Your Waist Size), & belt purchases (Unchaste). Not only because we have honestly done what we do for free or little or nothing for long enough, but because if we don't we'll never be able to build this business just the way we have always hoped - pure art+ethical standards+integrity. But, eye am preaching to the choir. You already know what it is...don't you?


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