Thursday, January 5, 2006


"I can't leave you alone.
You got me fiending."

Jodeci put into very soulful song the addicts primary pity. Romantic relations aren't the only obsession that we as confused "grown-ups" find ourselves facing. From the moment we exit the womb, we are shot up with dope of some kind or another - at least in this country. These chemical substances are protected and governed by pharmeceudical science.

Just today, eye found myself fiending for a tootsie roll that found it's way into what was my empty candy bowl. That was until my beautiful sugar daddy brought a bag of sweet treats home. They were on sale. $1.87. How could he resist? Don't eye know the feeling. Supa Nova Slom reminds us in his generational dietary DVD guide, Holistic Wellness, that refined sugars merely one chemical compound away from crack. CRACK!!! Can you believe that?

The pain that now screams out from the root of my cavities to the crown of my molars reminds me in a mighty way why the bowl was empty to begin with. first addiction as a youngin'. Funny how refined white sugar would in turn be the first drug that we pushed on our children. Not intentionally. But yes, on purpose.

Eye can't help but feel shamed and guilty. How could we help not to give it to them? It's in almost every edible product on the grocery store shelves. Even where you may find "no sugar", you find the harsh tasting chemical sugar substitutes.

Well, eye have had enough of this shit. Eye am waging war against sugar in the bodies of our youth. This will require a lot of discipline, & even more concentrated label reading. It's happening, yo! Please continue to lift us up in your thoughts,prayers and meditations. For you, we offer the same.


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