Wednesday, January 18, 2006


As you may already know, self-publishing is no easy feat. It now seems obvious to me why so many choose to hire one of the popular services to aid in such endeavors. But not me. Oh no! Doing things the hard way or long way has always seemed logical considering the knowledge gained as a result.

In my life, shortcuts hardly pay off or satisfy in the end. While my desire to micromanage means more work for my lonesome, participating in the entire process guarantees me a complete & organic perspective as to how to produce & market my own works. Eye can't say it's not adding to the craziness already crowding my mental, but eye would be remiss to not admit how adventurous the learning process. If only the learning curve wasn't sooooooo windy. Word up!

Well, after another long day on the grind, it's necessary for me to throw in the towel for the night. Sorry for the brief visit. Know that you're in my thoughts.

Shawne are the man, yo. Thanks for sharing yourself with us. You are truly a gem!



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