Friday, January 6, 2006


As eye prepare my schedule for a number of upcoming photo shoots in the next 2 weeks, eye can't help but think about possible color combinations, posh poses and fire attire. Though we (the King & eye) usually pride ourselves in always being true & natural - in all situations - normal "appearance" sensors sometimes arise out of regular, everyday experiences. Those moments when you wonder not only if you visually represent the person that others are looking at, but whether you are the you that you see. Today's channeling came via the honorable Oprah on one of those commonly revisited "makeover" episodes.

To watch the "makeover team" transform a school teacher in typical "gym-teacher" gear (flannel shirt over a t-shirt with baggy jeans and hiking boots) was to uncover a hidden gem that so many of us hide with layers of much cloth in our over the top efforts to not look too revealing. A female firefighter that spent her down time dressed like a leisurely Ellen Degeneres was transformed into a stunning "super model type" goddess at the request of her "doing well for himself" mate. From what eye saw, he might need to step his game up ;-).

There are a few independent designers that might get a message from me this week requesting pieces for the shoot. Nothing flashy or away from the norm. But just quality, well made, yet fashionable joints from my people around the globe that eye would be pleased put on any given day of the week. Ujamaa!

A to the L! DJ Haze! Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts this week!


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