Sunday, January 1, 2006

Habari gani?
::Imani! (Faith)

"I Praise the Lord and keep the faith; it's alright, keeping biting at the bait."
Greg Nice from DWYCK/ Gangstarr featuring Nice & Smooth


Eye woke at 4:28 a.m. Perfect timing! What a way to start the new Gregorian stint. Before eye even had the chance to disclose my single January 1st resolution, the creator took control & made it all possible. This is the time eye had hoped to rise on this day. It is my belief that you start the year the way that you envision yourself ending the year. Geez! Am eye encouraged!

As eye am typing to you, eye am bouncing back & forth between documents. Book number two has it's own Appleworks document & has begun it's gestational period - today. How exciting! Eye can't wait to disclose the full idea. Soon come. Soon enough.

So who's having a Karamu today? Who's even attending one? My good friends Tock (from "Just Rhyming With Tock") & Alimah are throwing their annual feast. Though we are always invited, for various reasons it is never convenient for us to attend. We will be in attendance this year; and on time, at that. Mark my words.

Please excuse me for now. You know, eye don't get much time undisturbed. Back to writing...


Habari gani?
::Kuumba! (Creativity)


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