Sunday, January 29, 2006

After living exclusively with females for the first 19 years of my life, committing to a life of involved male companionship by way of a husband & three sons (our daughter not applicable here) has really challenged me mentally & emotionally during the past 12. There is much to be said for one driven primarily by testosterone, but not here - at least not scientifically. Can anyone recommend a good book? Your friendly 'hood sister finds herself lost in this aspect of existence. No doubt!!!

This week's destruction:
1. Pencils/Pens removed from my desk drawer & deposited into the heating vent
2. The second, of the drawers on my desk was broken & the face completely removed.
3. Drawer on daughter's bed busted after being used as a step-stool

When my siblings & eye were young, my Granny would always follow the confession involving breaking or destroying of her cherished goods with, "Can't have nothin'!" Even then, in all my good-two-shoe denial, something about her remark struck me a vaguely honest. Having male counterparts around, kicks that sentiment up about 500%. And "that's realer than real deal Holyfield".


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