Saturday, January 14, 2006


Hezekiah: Congrats on reaching the lucky age seven. Really, they're all lucky, but allow me to be the first to say:

"Happy Biriririrth Dayayayay!" (rendition compliments of Chilli)

January 13 is also the day that my late favorite cousin Joyce was born. In her honor, we poured libation & remembered her in our own special way. It's odd how there are so many shared birthdays in our family. Besides that, strange coincidences seem to exist on a day to day around here.

For instance:

Magnificent sat down for his regular after breakfast ritual - watching Sesame Street. Of course, as they highlight a number of the day in each episode, the number of this day just happened to be seven. Then the segment of "Elmo's world" was all about birthdays, too. Never mind that my sister nicknamed Hezekiah "Elmokiah" when he was a toddler because we dressed him in so much red (it's truly his color). And from there on, it kept happening throughout the day. That's just how it is around the way. Feel me? Weird!!! Or maybe it has something to do with his granted luck.

"But wait, there's more." (compliments of infomercial speak)

Hezekiah's first celebrity obsession was with LL Cool J who just so happens to celebrate his born on January 14. Odd right? Have a blessed day, Todd! We're rocking a jam as recognition. Hmm...not sure what it'll be yet. Hezekiah should be allowed to decide. That's what we'll do...

Let us also pay most respect to the "people's champ", Martin Luther King, Jr whose birth we recognize on January 15. King Hezekiah was as great a leader in his day, and it so pleases to have Zeke is the astral company of those who have walked a path so clearly fit for him.

What a wonderful weekend! What a joyous time!

Shouts to Shellie R Warren - holding folks down as usual! Thanks to Sam the "eye-guy"!


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