Monday, January 9, 2006

10 Things much adored by Oriana lee...

1. Macintosh ibook

"...just about to grab my notebook
I just did - blanc apples in my lap cook"

2. Herbs

"Now herb in my diet help me clear the clutter,
making all the words eye spit flow smooth like soy butter."

3. Hot Tea

You'd think eye was British when it comes to this habit. We like coffee over here.Rightht? Sure, even me every now & then. But as for all day, every day, it's tea that eye like. Moments choice: Tazo Green Tea (Zen)

4. Oriana lee EP CD

How fulfilling to participate in a work that eye absolutely can't get enough of hearing.

5. iTunes

For someone who still has not owned an iPod, this offers a variety in music that only a numskull couldn't get addicted to. Eye listen to the same collection in the park as in the kitchen as in the office as in the bedroom as in the studio as on the airplane as in my hotel room. Yo...what more can a music lover ask for? Anything else would be just plain greedy.

6. Hardcover Books (especially reference)

Sure, as it's convenient, eye find self using online reference materials more than ever before, but nothing can ever take the place of running my fingers up the spine of a library bound book.

7. Sunshine

When our oldest son was a toddler, he once offered to pull me down a piece of the sun. Had eye the resources, we would have canned as much as our cupboard could stand.

8. Boots

Back in the day eye fell in love with a pair of calf-high brown leather boots that doubled as a Wonder Woman prop. It's been on ever since...

9. Incense

Frankincense & Myrrh in particular. Obviously for the spiritual significance, but the aroma truly calms the environment in our temple.

10. Automobiles

Since childhood, eye have always had an affinity for cars. The speed. Design. Aerodynamics! Sound Systems (Woofers, Tweeters & EQ's). That kinda talk excites me to the greatest ecstacy.


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