Sunday, July 2, 2006


Do you think those on the other side recognize their earthdays? If you have ever had to bear one near & dear transitioning beyond this world, you know well the uneasiness in celebrating special days without their presence.

July 2nd=Granny Born Day (Peace Be Upon Her)

For the past two years since she physically left this space, we have had fish fry's to commemorate the year that would be. This go around, we are looking at what would have been 77 years on this planet.

We visited Sylvan Street, where she remained a member until the end, in her memory this morning. This also the church where my baptism took place at 13, as well as our wedding. Granny was funeralized there, too. An abundance of memories within those walls. In a few weeks, the church will celebrate 125 years of service. Isn't that amazing? Eye imagine it to have been among the first established Black churches post-slavery in Nashville. Need to do my history...

Dilla really had a special ability to lay proper rhymes on his own productions. If only they didn't have so much derogatory content. He never got a chance to elevate his lyrical content to the same quality level as his music. Nonetheless, his kick-off on "Raise It Up" completely sends me into euphoria. Fantastic Vol.2 as a whole is such a timeless classic. The Shining, on the horizon, ya'll!!!

Ranking MF DOOM Today:
Rhymes Like Dimes
The Fine Print
The Id's/Eucalyptus
Mic Line/Coriander
Rock Co. Kane Flow
Quite Buttery
The M.I.C.

*List comprised of both DOOM productions & verses, some featuring guests.
**Listing & order subject to change on any given day, depending on how the beat drops.

Tokio - Good lookin' on sending the painting. Our whole family marvels at your talent. Thanks for your love!

Tee - Hold your head, money! The best yet to come!

Equinox Forward (Todd & Nep) - Represent!!!


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