Tuesday, July 4, 2006


It was during my last pregnancy that Sonic chipped ice became one of my favorite snacks. Back again, as a craving this go round, 2-44 ounce cups get demolished in a days time. Freeze-dried...YUM!

Growing up, my mother had this compulsive ice chewing habit that lasted well into my adulthood. My youngest sister picked up this fetish & only in the last couple years has calmed her grinding machine. Me, on the other hand...in full effect!!

Kelly Rowland professed to have an obsession for the frozen treat in one of the first interviews eye ever caught. She admitted to bringing a special ice machine on tour. That struck me as so ghetto back then, making me nostalgic of my high school years. So completely tickeled by her forthrightness, at that moment we declared her as our favorite member in the group. She really sealed the deal on 106 & Park during the classic "fall" episode. If you haven't seen this, it's guaranteed to get a chuckle. Watch Kelly - not going down for nothin' & not even stopping to help her fallen sis - in true diva fashion. Business first. How American!!!

Of course, the US celebrates independence today from King George III in 1776. While congratulations due for suceeding, shame yet exists for continuing to deny Afrikans forced to this soil the same rights for nearly another 100 years until the passing of the 13th amendment. For this reason, it's really no Holy Day for me. We might activate some fireworks to publically display the contempt. Set it off!!!

Be true to self. Play your position.


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