Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Humpday always feels like a manic Monday following a holiday. Even though we work EVERY day of the year, we cannot help but be affected by others break in pace. Hopefully, the music industry will modulate back into the week harmoniously so that we can move these records. That's what we are in the business to do. Not build fame or props. Not to knock the other man. But to sell units. Sad, but true.

It's a hard way to go for those artists who really want to contribute great music to a dying emotional people. It's all a numbers game now. The art - secondary. Labels will see your family hungry & homeless if you turn in a project that they in any way doubt will "do the numbers". Eye know. It would be so much better if these old washed up label heads would let the people decide. But that would mean training in the new school approach to the music and it's very unlikely that those old dogs are willing to learn anything new. My experience confirms this addage.

We are fighting to get this music to you every day. We are also working with the same intensity to bring you Something To Cope. Please bear with us. My promise is that it will all be well worth the wait.

For July, our home school (True Skool) curriculum will consist of only Chess & Mathematics. Closely related, the children should be well served by this intensive. It's interesting trying to teach at so many different grade levels, but it's challenging me to sharpen my skills so that they all get precisely the instruction needed. What we are learning:

Kush (5 yrs.)- Addition/Subtraction
Hezekiah II (7 yrs.)- 2 Digit Multiplication/ Basic Division
Kana (8 yrs.) - 2-3 Digit Division w/ Remainders

Right now they are all working at roughly 2-3 grade levels ahead depending on the subject, with math being on the lower end. My goal is to level at 3 by September. Please keep us in your thoughts & prayers.


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