Sunday, April 9, 2006


Who would know that it has been 4 years since Mama has even had the opportunity to sneak away for just shy of 24 hours? Word is bond! Not since 2002 has self awakened to a morning of me only. Said experience felt so overwhelming that it took a firm talk with my spirit to get out of bed at all at 10:30 a.m. Thank goodness for rest! Thank goddess for writing!

A brand new short story came to me on this "break". One that has been developing in my mind for a few months, but only now insist on taking shape in written form. Eye have not been this excited about a project since Something To Cope. Having not written fiction since college, this poses as just the challenge that will carry me into another hot & exciting summer.

May blessings continue to overflow in your adventurous lives!

Poet J.Ivy has worked time & a half to make his words heard. He has been putting it down on the "Spoken Word" scene for years. His "big break" finally came during the recording of Kanye West's first record (College Dropout) when J was invited to record a verse for "Never Let Me Down". This brother has truly touched the Nashville poetry niche' in a special way. All the way from the "Chi"...get you some, nigga!!! YO J...TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!!


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