Sunday, April 2, 2006


When eye first read Kahlil Gibran's, The Prophet, it was quickly obvious why my favorite bookseller demanded that eye add the work to my collection.

No matter that eye could only offer him $2 for the used copy that he was pushing for $4. On that day, he was following a greater spirit that knew beyond our limited scope just what this book would offer to my creative self. To learn that not only was Gibran such a serenely brilliant writer, but also an uplifting visual artist. Man! Knocked me off my feet! Even up to now, eye had no idea that ALL of his works are accompanied by illustrations. It had never occurred to me that this was not only the format for the select works with which eye am acquainted (The Madman, The Wanderer). His philosophical impact on me is ever growing, much like William Shakespeare or D.H. Lawrence.

Please make yourself familiar if not already. If you're up on Gibran, then take this time to flip through your favorite & celebrate his contribution.

Favorite Poem from The Prophet: "On Self-Knowledge"
Quote: " Say not,"I have found the truth," but rather,"I have found a truth."


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