Monday, April 10, 2006


While the confessions of "Superhead" reads as a very sad & heart-wrenching "tale", Ms. Vixen comes with it in her portrayal of redemption through Jesus Christ. That's real! Similar to the story of Bishop Magic Don Juan finding "GOD", Steffans wrestles her "good-GOD" self away from her habitual past as she strives for "saving-grace".

Eye understand. Eye feel her. This story belongs to many of us.

Ma' Barker tried to pull her card on one steamy Hot 97 summer day when the book first hit the shelves. Most of the rest of this Hot mess audio comes across as ghetto-rubbish, but the part that stands out to me is at the beginning.

"I'm really good. I'm covered," Steffans told the listening audience in response to the vicious on-air attack.

Ain't that something! Covered! Eye know that's right! Everything feels right in these covered moments.

Earlier today a corrosive bit of my past showed up at a most unlikely confrontational location. What kept me from killing this dirty brown weed that has grown over my psyche since my youth? In the Land Rover, it would have been nothing to pin this despicable jerk in between my vehicle & the building facing me. Only because "I'm covered," am eye here with you typing & not locked up in county.

Thank GOD!


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