Wednesday, April 19, 2006


One of these days (in the near future) will be spent doing nothing but blogging, exploring MySpace & responding to emails. If seems that there is never enough time for these aspects of my technological life. Phooey!

We're finally back in the studio for Something To Cope. "Gettin' It Crunk Up" is blazing!!! You all will be able to catch it on the worldwide version of the EP, currently titled "Another Oriana lee EP". We're looking to have this out by the end of the month if the artwork gets finished in time. New pieces have been added. A few have been removed. There has been so much anticipation for this collection in retail circuits. For a little black girl from the 'hood who just wanted to write, recording with anticipation already there for the product makes me feel like a superstar. At least a ghetto superstar.

You never really know how things are going to work out. Recording for myself was never a part of the original plan though, until Something To Cope. Being married to musician, it does seem that it would have happened long agoNow look. Requests come from all over the place now regarding my spoken voice as much as my written. It's a trip.

The first piece that eye ever wrote for vocal delivery was "Downfall of the Ibliys" for MF Grimm, back in 2000. It was to be the title track for that record. DOOM eventually pulled it from the final master, but it will be represented in/on Something To Cope. Eye am forever grateful to Grimm, DOOM & Count for the chance. Nuff respect!!! What had been a stagnancy in my confidence as an artist began maturing on that day.


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