Saturday, April 8, 2006 bugs me to miss a posting. Friday morning was so incredible that it got away from me early.

We (as a family) made it down to the Municipal Auditorium where the Tom Joyner Morning Show was broadcasting w/Guy as musical guests. Witnessing Teddy, Aaron & Damion throwing their full bodies into the running man during "Groove Me" had me wide-open. It seems that they made a new fan out of our daughter because the first record was the only music that she listened to for the remainder of the day. "You Can Call Me Crazy" is her joint. She's standing here bugging because she didn't know that Damion "Crazy Legs" sang that song when she saw him yesterday.

Your gyrl thought she was at the club! All it took was to walk inside the doors after driving around seeking parking for 45 minutes. With Magnificent on hip, my arms started to flail & body jerked from left to right with no effort. A smile remained on my face for the next 90 minutes or so. For free??? Can't beat it with a stick!

We topped it off with a hot, delicious, Black breakfast at Silver Sands. Eye once read that Young Buck heralds Silver Sands as his favorite restaurant. If ever in Nashville on a week day, be sure to bypass Pancake Pantry & head on down to 8th & Jefferson. Get detailed directions from there.

Gotta run. We're starting our Saturday morning with a family game of BINGO. How fun!!!


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