Saturday, April 29, 2006


Another born day come & gone, yet the party continues. That's just how it goes when the event falls on Friday. Onward kicking, "cool in my way".

Last year, my day was spent in the studio with Van & Count. Again, they are both naturally sharing in this year's celebration as Van rolls into town today supporting the Anthony Hamilton/Heather Headley tour, as well as a headline set at 3rd & Lindsley at 11 p.m. Woo wee! It's on this evening.

As for the early part of the afternoon, to the studio to continue working toward the Something To Cope wrap-up. It's has truly been a long time coming, but we are closer to the end then ever before ;-). Is this the first time you have read this here? We'll just say, the first time this morning.

What a pleasant surprise to tear open my Cave Canem newsletter this week to find two of my long time Nashville colleagues showcased. Both Mendi Obadike (who eye have known since 7th grade) & Stephanie Pruitt (whose sister Christy eye have also known since 7th grade) were highlighted as former fellows. Today, Writehanded features them as poets of the day. Thanks for keeping art alive ladies. Thank you for representing Nashville in all that you do. Happy Poetry month!

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