Monday, April 3, 2006


Many of you have heard me rant on my undying love for the work of Nikki Giovanni. Thank goodness she finally allowed her good friend to develop a website a few years ago. For a while, there was nothing. When asked about her lack of web presence years back, she told me that she just wasn't interested. Moments later, she urged me to junk my cherished vinyl pieces for the newer CD versions of her works that had recently been re-released. Here in one conversation, we find ourselves having opposite views on technology. That's real!

The first time that we met she was smoking in the elevator that we shared. Granted, it was or '97. Still, to smoke in an elevator even then meant that you don't give a damn! Right??? Kana insists that she must know me well. Seeing how we have met 3 times now. Child's perspective. Humph!

What started as infactuation...oh...about 10th grade...has elevated to passive agression ;-). She words so plain, but metaphorical all the same.

[From Something To Cope]


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