Friday, April 14, 2006


If the shoe doesn't fit, then please don't try to force your big foot in it. In the end, it will only bring you more pain, corns & bunions on your big toes. Eye have been learning to put my big foot into my big mouth more often. Now that doesn't much.

Back in high school, me & a homegirl developed an inside joke that we used to poke fun at the fact that we needed sympathy or help in any particular situation. One would walk up to the other & say in our most serious funny pouty faces:

" big toe hurts."

We would always get a big kick out of that phrase because it so clearly represented the behavior of a person who wants attention, but has too much fear to ask for it. Instead, the individual uses drama to draw attention to whatever area or circumstance they deem acknowlegable, instead of just saying what it is that they expect you to do.

Evil forces are laboring in my world. But, eye refuse to go. Nope. Not going. In the words off a fallen angel,"Please remove me from this negative flow of energy." & so it shall be. As all "good" things must come to an end, the same is true for the "bad".

Does anyone else find that iTunes hardly ever has the song that you go there pursuing? Frustrating.

Goodbye, Love.


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