Saturday, April 15, 2006


June Pointer...huh??? The same day as Proof???

Peace Be Upon Her.

Being one of 3 sisters, we were the Pointer Sisters as children in the '80's. 3 of them performing together. 3 of us playing together. Like clockwork, we would grab the nearest pretend microphone (hairbrush, comb) & assume position everytime a song or video came on featuring the "Sisters".

Eye got to behold my sisters yesterday in Jackson, TN. They both reside in Memphis, so the youngins, Nene & eye journeyed to meet them halfway for the day. We had a grand celebration. In the name of Jesus! It was indeed Good Friday.

Our hotel room number was 303, so we knew what it was when we came through the door. The whole 3rd floor smelled of catfish & fixins. We did it up in that Country Inn & Suites like we were in Granny's kitchen. For all intent & purpose, we were.

Enjoy church tomorrow! Don't break your neck getting there. You want to actually make it there the once or twice a year that you do go, if that's the case. Otherwise, you already know the drill, so make sure to get up early enough to avoid rushing.

Happy Easter!


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