Tuesday, April 11, 2006


In the wake of all that's been reported as late in the Detroit music scene, it comes as surprising, but a surprise nonetheless, that D12 member & right-hander to Eminem, Proof a/k/a Deshaun Holton was murdered early this morning. Two months since the passing of Dilla, this tragedy rocks the D like an asteriod making contact with the planet.

Quite typically, the Po-Po's have no clues or ideas about anything related. Just that two persons got shot, ending Proof's time here with us. Sickening!

Peace Be Upon Him!

Speaking of Peace, have you heard rumor of a FREE MP3 download?

Believe you me, with so many horrific incidents happening in our lives each day, we can all benefit from an effectual peace message right now. Have it along with you morning tea or java. Drop it into your iPod for the morning jog. It's filling food for thought guaranteed to jump-start your day.

Peace people.


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