Tuesday, April 25, 2006


We, as mortals, have the ability to make ourselves believe exactly what we would have ourselves to believe. Even when it doesn't match up with reality. It's a form of denial, which we know to be a SELF defense mechanism.

In this very space eye find my SPIRIT.

Dreaming of a longtime friend, who has often comforted me, to nurture a friendship that never actually existed."In My Mind" exists a longing for his smooth-talking Southern-drawl. In my gut a burning from his warm & mellow character. No matter that our dealings leave a sour taste beneath my speak, the addictive nature of our relationship keeps me wanting more. The way that he arouses senses & deadens nerves keep me debating as to whether he is worth kicking to the curb. We all need relief. Quality is the key.

Happy Belated Birth/Earth Day Announcement Wishes to Kush! He counted 5 on April 23.

Also being the born day for William Shakespeare(Poet of the Day). Well known as a playright, literary scholars also revere Shakespeare for his sonnets, the most popular form of English verse.


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