Wednesday, March 1, 2006


Here's proof that television most definitely affects the erratic behavior of a precocious young king with locks. Positive or negative - influence evident.

Okayplayer JohnBrook poses a very compelling argument regarding the effect that music has on behavior! His examples support to the fullest. See "The Lesson".

I second the emotion that he raises!

The old adage that what "can" happen "will" happen surely comes to fruition at some point. Influence, in any manner, indeed will be very simply negative or positive - likely both (balance). Also, everyone will not dispel the energy generated from music and specifically lyrics in the same way. While someone may be influenced to fight anybody in sight (Shook Ones :Part 2 scored an all out brawl at my college graduation party), another may just boob their heads with all of the force their bodies can muster.

But knowing that music is truly the most universal form of communication, leads me to be believe that it can sway or "influence" behavior as all other forms.

Speak Brother John!
Say that!


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