Sunday, March 12, 2006


Corey Bloom must have done some serious scribing in the new issue of Synthesis Magazine. Feedback has come from various folks, so it has finally moved me to go down to the bookstore to find out exactly what the hype is all about. He said that he put a few copies in the mail, but it seems that eye will go take a sneak peak.

My youngest sister came to visit this weekend. As always, we had a complete blast! It's so odd even still that my sisters live in a different city from my mother & self. They never returned home from college, but rather sculpted their own lives. That was my plan too, only a high school sweetheart gave me only a foot or two of rope allowing me to roam only as far as Murfreesboro, TN (30 mi. outside of Nashville). So much for getting away...huh?


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