Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Unless eye wake at the break of dawn, it's seemingly impossible to work in enough time to blog. Don't feel ignored. Don't take it personal. Apply the same rationale to return phone calls & email, too. Right about now, it would be difficult to see me still even if you come by. Huh, Cynthia? This week feels especially heavy as we will note the 2nd anniversary of Granny's passing.

All praise to the Supreme - we have been forced in many compromising positions recently. We have manifested miraculous heights as a power couple over 7 days past. Supporters of what we do have long crowned us as such, but we rarely even consider such flattery. Most of you well know through dealings personal or vicarious that we are not ostentatious - just pure artists confident (mostly) in the fact that we are created in image & likeness. Eye acknowledge the God. That's it really. That plain. That simply put.

Word up!

To not admit that it's happening, would be a moment wasted. Every individual on our team sees that's it's happening - fo' real! Big ting a gwan! Spirits are strapped & on their way to the cosmos.

Thank you all for riding. The fact that so many of you visit here with such regularity still rocks my dome. Energy is constant & never-ending - so too my love. Eye am pleased to know that it's happening for you.

"Just look at it Shirley."



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