Friday, March 10, 2006


"Nature is so naturalistic", as Kana feels it; she speaks it. Radnor Lake happens to be one of Nashville's best kept nooks. Wilderness amidst the hustle & bustle. We go on field trips every Friday, so today, this was our outing. As Spring makes itself more evident, eye can only imagine the life that has yet to present itself in this pastoral surrounding. Let's just say, we will return for many Friday's to come.

Who loves "Raise It Up" like eye do? Just go on give it up. As Payroll tells it, every woman has been put in a position where she has had to consider hoeing. While what he offers makes sense, his backing is lacking, so who really knows. What eye can say it that something about Jay Dee's music makes the pelvic area move. Maybe we all consider "dancing" in like moments. Shesh...can't even lie about it.


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