Tuesday, March 28, 2006


A few weeks back eye posted the link to a video that showed a toddler man-handling a Slingerland. The rhythms were not perfect, but he swung the sticks with such precision. His wrists flexed just right as if he had been doing this for a while in stadiums across the country. When eye showed the performance to my husband, the consummate musician, he politely chastised me for considering it fascinating.

"Huh?" eye looked at him with contorted lips.

"He's not doing doing anything that Mags doesn't do on the Djimbe. The sound that Mags gets out of it. It's amazing." he spouted passionately.

Guess he told me. Boy, did here ever. Hence the name. Right? Magnificent!

So Magnificent just came up to me singing "Moneeey. Moneeey", in perfect key. Just as it occured to me that he was asking for our Spring Break anthem, Money Can't Buy Me Love" by Blackstreet. Indeed he was. He walked over to the CD player. opened the top, and put in a cassette (he's only (19 mos). So eye grabbed the CD, put it in & skipped to Track 13. As soon as the first word dropped, Mags was along for the ride. He sang the whole chorus - word-for-word. Kana & eye stared with our mouths wide open - first at him, then at one another.

Then eye came here to post. You are truly sharing in the moment folkx. Thanks for reading.

Teddy Riley is our unsung hero around here. Heads just don't get it. What he has offered black music in our era surely goes unmatched. See discography.

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