Tuesday, March 28, 2006


One of my favorite independent records of all time would have to be Shannon Sanders, Outta Nowhere. Dwight bought me the record for Mother's Day back in '99 (or 2000) & it has most def seen thousands of spins. For some reason, this record never resonated too far beyond the Southern U.S. region. What a shame! Anyone who claims to love R&B needs this record in the collection for reference, if for no other reason. As a matter of fact, Heather Headley's new song, In My Mind, is a Sanders cover from this very album.

Eye shared space with Shannon this weekend & eye was totally smitten. Being both Nashville natives, we have always run in many of the same circles, but when we spoke on Sunday, we seemed to make a fresh connection. One of my dream projects is for Count & Shannon to produce a gospel album together. They would absolutely kill it! Both coming for church background, chords & sacred arrangements are key aspects of both of their productions. We'll see what comes of it, when the time is right.

The last conversation that eye had with Granny just the day before she returned to the essence was completely inspired by Shannon. "Long as I Live", a tribute to the grandparents that raised him has always jerked me to the point of tears. Never have I heard a song so real from this perspective. When the song came on the morning of March 2, 2004, my instinctual reaction was to phone my own grandparents, who helped rear me, as well. As the track played in the background, what would be my final moments shared with Granny via phonelines took place. The call was short because she was in the middle of home therapy. She told me to be sure we had a good day. I love you were the last words exchanged. A call to my grandfather followed. He's still here at 81. Boy...do eye miss Granny something awful. Eye have not been able to listen to the joint since.

Many of you may know Sanders best from India.Arie's first record. Not only was (is?) he her musical director, but had everything to do with the abundance of Grammy-nominations that she received behind it. The singles that brought her to household recognition are due predominately to his genius.

Thank you for the inspiration, homeboy. I will continue to sing your praises!


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