Friday, March 24, 2006


Leafy greens just do not hit the bottom. Ever. Not like greasy home-cooked fried chicken. Yes, chile'! Gluttony in the best light. Though "organic" & "no water added", my soul nor my stomach sits well right now. These craving for protein have lead me to a guilt-filled path of backsliding. With all the grease involved, my clutch is so slippery that "getting a grip" hasn't happened yet.

Plus, the way eye am looking in these here jeans...uhm,uhm,uhm! Granny would be so proud!

The meat just settles in my hips nowadays. & that's a marvelous sight! Having been mostly underweight (except during pregnancy), it does a body good to celebrate womanhood. While so many of my sister-girls complain of excess, the Great Architect makes certain that eye work for every pound. With the foul-feed, my weight has peaked at 135 lbs. That's at 5'11". My regular weight is around 127, but during strict Vegan periods eye might hit 115. That's just how it goes.

(Over)Indulging in a habit that was supposedly 10 years "controlled" has me buggin' out.

Is that a sign of extreme weakness? Has hunger simply gotten the best of me? Can recommitting exclusively to nuts & tofu really get me past this?

Photo: Pregnant w/ Kush in 2000


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