Saturday, March 18, 2006


Peace Be Upon the Infinite Hiphop Instructor, Professor X (Lumumba Carson) who returned to the essence today.

X-Clan has been credited for leading so many of us to the Afrocentric well back in '90. A homeboy of mine had a tiny,crunched up, a-b, dull yellow hoopty. The tape deck in that ride ran so many cycles of To the East, Blackwards that we were unknowingly creating a militant motor that would eventually refuse to endorse our juvenile rhethoric. Without the comfort of the car, we found creative ways to get out of class in order to sneak off to listen in a walkman (usually sharing the same device & headset - he left; me right) just long enough to get gassed about "the revolution" that we were planning at our high school. That plan was sabotaged minutes prior to "takeover", but eye will eventually disclose those details at another time.

Having spoken with Brother J several times on intimate terms over the past year, the news of The Overseer's asension rushed my blood just the way Dilla had weeks prior. Too much eye tell ya'! Too many connections!

Condolences to family & friends. You are in thought & prayer. Brother J, you are covered. Peace, Blak.
Peace Be Upon the BLAK MAN known as Sugar Shaft.

To have arrived in my own dream only to witness many of the familiar peripheal images literally vanishing along the walk as they appear within approach makes it difficult to keep looking around because eye now recognize that the dream is indeed an illusion.

Onward march...


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