Tuesday, February 14, 2006


If you're into this sort of commercialized offering of love in a "heart shaped" box, then allow me to wish you the best in your pursuit of favor from your true (or temporary) love. Allow me to indicate that this post will be full of cynicism related to Cupid's most prosperous day of the year.

Back in 1995, eye followed my heart to this skeptical space once the historical aspect became a factor in my psyche. Up until, never had the overwhelmingly historical Pagan perspective penetrated my psychological & emotional sore-spots. To learn that neither Lucipus not Valentine had anything to do with me & mines, left me wondering why eye was putting so much effort into recognizing their insignificant contributions. As it relates, to Afrakans, of course. Understanding further that the holiday originated through the exploitation of women as prostitutes, more or less, burned me up everytime eye thought it. It burns me to a short even now.

But that's only part of the reason eye swore it off forever...

Only after a short relapse a few years ago. Ironically enough, though the rote of the day was fairly ideal (New outfit, Roberta Flack Concert, Dinner), it was ultimately one of the worst days of my love life. To have a public love day go awry is abrasive to the epidermis of even a long term commitment. Remember when everyone brought individual cards to class back in the elementary school days. For a girl to not receive a card from one who she admired (cute boy or sister-girlfriend), left her feeling sorely rejected for a long time.

So this is partially why eye admonished the holiday for good. Eye can't help but see through the mask straight to the core of the pain. Beyond the red roses. Beyond the sweet treats. Beyond a night out in a nice hotel room.

Eye see mostly the same thing that eye do every day. Beautiful mothers of the earth being used & abused by a population too Id-driven to appreciate that life is valuable only because of her. Eye know..."What are you talking about? That's the whole purpose of celebrating. To show her I care." And to you eye remark, "Eye feel you. Perceived reality is reality."

Have a fruitful day! We already are! Juicy...


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