Monday, February 6, 2006

"E-lec-tricity, E...lec-tricity"

Well wishes to all! Much power to the people!

As we (True Skool) embark on week two of our study on energy, please send some positive our way. This phase entails mostly experiments so hopefully we will get through it with limbs in tact. Children are so inquisitive & sometimes invent things that endanger themselves without having the slightest clue. We wouldn't want any small homeschool fires or first degree boy burns as a result of too much free inventing mixed with kenetic molecules.

Energy (def.) usable power or the resources for producing such power

M.C. Eades just sent me a mock-up for the fresh new Writehanded. It looks cool. With some tweaking, we should see a launch hopefully with the month or so. Just so you know, we had to push the release date for Something To Cope back to April 27th. Until we started putting out our own projects a few years ago it was unbeknowst to me why records & books hardly ever made the firts announced release date. Eye have even witnessed records pushed back for more than a year. So ride with me on this decision. When it drops in April, the climate will be ready; we are convinced. Both Borders & Barnes&Noble have picked it up, so we're making great strides in the meantime. Thank goodness!

Spread love.


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