Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Being one's own boss has a downside to it that often casts heavy shadows on the potential positive outcome related to the blood, sweat & tears. Multitasking has upgraded to clear fragmentation of both related & unrelated projects due to a lack of continued focus. Everyone around here knows understands intensely that Goddess-Queen-Mama-Wife-Teacher-Manager-Author-Publisher-Sister-Daughter-Friend Oriana lee needs to rest. For a while. Soon. (As I sit here typing, dozing lightly.)

Let me get on in the bed. Maybe eye will crack a new book. Deborah Santana's work wrapped up quite introspectively. There are many quotes from her experiences to be explored in the upcoming weeks. As the career-long wife, companion & supporter of a known musician, her reflection struck me as my possible future - to a degree, of course. Who knows though? It wouldn't be so bad to pop out a number one hit. Huh, bruh!



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