Saturday, February 18, 2006


With no television in the house (R.I.P.), our bunch has been reading more than ever. Once weekly trips to the library are back up to 3 or 4 (record set back in 2003) times during.

Since childhood, libraries have always provided a warmth that almost feels like church to me. As Yolanda Adams' "The Battle Is Not Yours" swells in the background. It has always been a secret aspiration to work as a library assistant for a temporary period. Why? be surrounded by books. Simply that. Eye am a bibliophile to the highest degree. Trust me. Between music (various formats) & reading materials, we will probably be able to finance the children's higher education, if necessary.

When in college the second time around, eye actually spent the majority of my spare time in the LIB. While everyone else was on the yard being seen, sister-girl was cooped up in a study room on the third floor meditating on letters, numbers and symbols. Practically living in the quiet of university life made attaining my goal of graduating with honors a breeze. Had eye only been in light at 18, there would have been no need for a 3-year sabbatical from partying. But instead of hanging 'round the books, eye choose the crooks...eye mean the the q's...the foot frat? If you knew me then, you must surely know that this list would probably end up being 8 months long if every kick-it partner was documented. ;-) Think it's a joke. Hmph...

This week's read is by the phenomenal wife of the legendary Carlos Santana. Deborah Santana has written an insightful first-work, Space Between the Stars: My Journey To An Open Heart. Miss Debbie touches on aspects of this lifesyle that are unique to the wife of an acclaimed musician. There are a few (Sue Mingus, Rita Marley), but not many who have shared this perspective of the business. It's really mind-blowing (to not elaborate too much at this point). Expect more when eye finish. Picking up at 206.

Eye Love You, Baby Pop.
I Miss You, Granny.

Good night. Sweet dreams.

May wonderful peace be upon my dear elderly cousin who transitioned this week.

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