Friday, February 10, 2006



Kana is so amazingly connected to a higher power. She has been craving donuts today.

Around these parts, we speak of Dilla's contribution fairly often.News of James Yancey's transition has our household completely rocked. At this time, allow me to second everything that my better musical half has already brought to light on his blog. Allow me to further mention the irony with considering the release of Donuts, undisputably the most highly anticipated Hiphop album of the year, having shipped just this week. UPS dropped a box at our doorstep on Wednesday that held a single copy, plus the fresh 7 inch exclusive of course. Wow! What a listening party we're going to have this treacherous storm-predicted nigh.

My outlook is indefinitely altered. Not because of knowing bruh personally (never met him, though Dwight has) or the lack of his future contribution, solely, but because as eye tap my emotions in type, it comes to me that eye have not yet eaten today (7 p.m.). Why? From getting caught up, mad stressed & working too hard. Unfortunately, most days are like this for me. Plus to acknowledge the extra special beverages that usually calm my nerves? "Something's got to give, Oriana."

Eye immediately think to a quote in URB back in 2004 (He & Madlib on the cover) when news of Dilla's illness was first speculated:

"I had never been so sick in all my life, he recalls. "I had never been in the hospital for nothing. What happened was that the doctor told me that I'd ruptured my kidney from being too busy and being stressed out and not eating right. He told me that if I'd waited another day, I might not have made it."

Peace be upon the genius known to the world at large as "Jay Dee" or "J Dilla" (1974-2006). Neither your life, nor passing will be in vein. You have truly changed my life. Forever.

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