Monday, February 6, 2006


Shellie R. Warren saw fit to recognize me as her "Woman of the Month" in the Inside My Sound section of her site. Please visit her site, buy her book & show a cicular type respect. We have learned that there is a level of success to be achieved in relationships that supports the simple theory that encourages us all to treat others with the same respect that we would have for self. It means so much to have beautiful people who continue to bring it through the door.

At a time like this, it helps to know that others see beyond this frustration that eye feel right now from having to balance so many things under the most unideal circumstances. This past 2 weeks has been as uplifting as it has demeaning, for so many reasons. Lord knows that anyone who has touched my spirit in the way that Shellie, Ben, Jay Malls, M.C Eades, Kid Captain Coolout (others not on immediate recall) has simply from an artistic standpoint in these last days, will be greatly rewarded by higher forces. Thanks for walking with me at this time. Thanks for making me smile!


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