Friday, February 17, 2006


Somehow, many a mistake got overlooked in the proofreading of Something To Cope. Mainly computer errors (spell check) & hyphenation alteration. So...before this thing can go to press, the printer suggests that eye get these oversights corrected in order to save myself time & money once those bluelines come back.

Phew! To have not noticed until reading the final hardcopy would have driven me completely insane. It's true that Taurai pursue perfection to lofty degrees, and me noticing such typographical flubs in an Oriana lee text would make for a tremendously scary sight folks. Sure, it happens in most books. But eye can't let it happen to me. No, sir. Not knowingly, anyway.

Five weeks into the school semester & we are covering a lot of ground in our particular focus areas. In years past, we have included units in up to 20 subjects. When the children were all under 7, it was nothing to approach 6-7 lessons a day. But no, not anymore. Not with Magnificent in the mix. Not with 2 of the children now working just below middle school level. No way. No how. Our units now contain a lot more substance & greater detail. We chose to scale back for a more concentrated focus on specific areas. This semester we have chosen to hone in on:

7.Arts & Crafts
9.Physical Expression
10.Home Economics

Of course, many teachings overlap within our system & sometimes include those we have pushed outside of our core. For the most part though, we are right on point.

Teaching is every bit as fulfilling as my 9-year-old mind envisioned. So is writing, which chose me at 8. To have ended up working professionally in the fields that felt right as a child feels amazingly consoling in times of trouble. It just felt right back then. How did it really come to manifest? Jah bless!

Eye am living out my dream!

"Huh?", they ask. "I thought you were Count's manager."
"Yep!", she responds, wide-eyed. "That, too."


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