Wednesday, November 2, 2005


The King & eye have committed to a blog challenge. Whoever blogs the most this month wins a...well, not sure exactly what we win yet because we didn't get that far. But,let me be the first to admit that eye am getting smoked because it has been two days since posting.

See for yourself

And his posts are kind of long, too. That's okay though. The competitive nature is kicking in & eye should get a leg up because he is going to Europe this weekend. (sinister laugh:hehehe)

Eery things have been happening around our house lately. It has always been my thinking that someone died in this place because our landlord is never willing to come inside. Not when we came to the showing of the house prior to living here. Not when it was time for us to move in. Not even the few times that she has popped by to ask about her money.

Besides that, random items tend to disappear, never to resurface. There is a bag of greenery that just went up in it's own smoke one fine afternoon. How? Where? Must be a ghost with a fix, huh?

Granny (peace be upon her) makes a visit every now and then, as well. Just the other day my Cousin Joyce (peace be upon her) made a visit after not having been here since her physical presence left this space in 2003. Actually, she was at my house just the day before she passed away.

She had come down for a surprise visit from Detroit to see my Granny & our family like she always had done, usually twice a year. It was April 25th and we were celebrating our son, Kush's 2nd birthday (April 23). She was a great help that night because my King had not yet come home from work & everyone had arrived to a kitchen not yet prepared. Joyce came right in & hopped on the grilled. She manned that meat like a champ & she even put together Kush's bike once the grilling was done. The night was especially festive simply because she was in our home. She was one of those center-of-attention spirits. So no party was complete without her. Thankfully Kush's was.

Joyce had to drive back to Detroit the following afternoon. Upon arrival, she phoned Granny to lay ease to her ever-worrying mind. She had arrived safely. She shared that she was tired & was going to bed so that she could go to church in the morning.

The following morning, April 27th, her 15 year-old boy, Michael, phoned my mother. This was something that had never happened before. He was perplexed that he could not wake his mother for church. Yikes! Joyce had transitioned in her sleep.

So fast-forward to this weekend. For the first time since we had inherited Granny's sofa-bed, we decided to let the children sleep on it. So we pulled it out. When we pulled the bottom-half of the fram open, we discoved a stocking cap that had been folded up inside. A shiver shot through my veins instantly. It was Cousin Joyce's stocking cap, left there from the last time she came to visit & slept in this very couch-bed, that used to be Granny's. Is that not weird? Whatever the forces that haunt this house are really real, ya'll.


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