Monday, November 21, 2005

New Edition really was the premier group back in my day. When my phone reminder alamed that it would be time to begin educating these children for the morning, their rap song "School" came to mind. Back then, R&B singers could rap every now & then without much criticism. It didn't feel corny like the breakdowns in today's Crunk-n-B or Hiphop Soul. Why is that?

Eye was fortunate enough to catch the Halloween Jimmy Kimmel with Bobby Brown & Mike Tyson. The funny in that episode came across from the captions. From the captions alone, yo! Now you know that's funny! Those are the type of guys that lived around my way. They could easily be my big brother, had eye one. These are two of the greatest personalities of our era. Really.

The King & I are starting to trip out at this 360 that we just completed with Sony. In the midst of it all, we are finally recognizing the actual quality of success that we are having collectively. Direct connections are at every hand. Some people call it degrees of seperation. It's motivating for us to establish the direct connections in our line of work.


*Jimmy Kimmell=Mac Burris aka MacBurney Burris of the band Self

*Hoppoh=Fat Beats

Isn't that interesting? Let's revisit...


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