Thursday, November 24, 2005


Think long & hard before you consider having a large family.

It seems impossible at most times to get peace in a house with six bodies. It wouldn't be a stretch to say nearly ALL of the time. This can be terribly frustrating, at times. Especially being that four of them are youth. Not only do they occupy every waking hour, but those that should be reserved for sleeping, too. They want it all!!!

Still, eye give thanks & would not do a thing differently if the chance came about. Who else would fold the towels & washclothes; put away the silverware & cups; water the plants; set the table? Children are like personal servants if you freak it right ;-).

But really...what they contribute to my day is much greater than what they walk away with. In these times of frustration, eye try to remind myself that these moments are fleeting. Before long, the children will have children of their own & little time for Mama & Daddy. Then what will we do?


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