Thursday, November 10, 2005


Weeks like this one do not come about often on my walk. All praise be to the creator!

Right now, Something To Cope is printing for the first time in full. Eye am slightly paralyzed in this moment. So much so, that typing this post is taking me double the time that it should. The surrounding thoughts do not provide an isolated moment for me to accurately convey these emotions. Eye am overwhelmed, to say the very least.

Page 85 just printed. This is really bugging me out!!! As soon as eye can focus, eye need to shower & head to the library. The book needs to go to the printer yesterday, so the pressure is on to edit & make changes - QUICK! So much help is needed with this Library of Congress code. Sorting out CIP data block information is so tedious & technical that most librarians are not seasoned in using the LC system.

"We use Dewey."
"We use Dewey."
It's like the librarians cataloging defense phrase. Hopefully some friendly student of library science will challenge themselves to step outside of their comfort zone to help me hash this out today. Hopefully...

Just know that things are good. No...things are great!


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